Træff for Belgiske Hyrdehunde i Danmark 1.og 2. aug 2009!

Takk til arrangørene for en kjempetrivelig helg. Vi slutter oss til " Det er Deilig å være Norsk i Danmark ".
Dommer for Tervueren Lørdag : Cath Bond  (Bis søndag)
Dommer for Tervueren søndag : Jacky Macandie (Bis lørdag)

The Danish special for Belgian Shepherds 1. and 2. aug 2009

Kritikk lørdag
Rusty:10,5 year old male complete scissor bite, tall male of excellent type with lovely long head, good parallels, good stop, tall ears well set and used, excellent eye shape, medium brown in colour, still has that typical enquiring belgian expression, lovely long neck, body a little long, good chest, good parallel front, good front and rear angulations, excellent length of tail, at the age of 10,5 he still has the most wonderful movements.
A fine example of a lovely old boy.

Breedie : 2 years complete scissors bite, tall female of exellent type, very feminine, exellent long expressive head with lovely parallels and minimum stop, tall ears, well set and used, exellent dark almond shaped eyes, lovely typical belgian expression, exellent reach of neck, with great heigt of withers, bautiful square bodyshape, good chest, with lovely parllel front excellent front and rear angulations, lovely long tail carring a lovely rich red coat, exellent typical light brisk belgian movments, shown and handled to prefection.

Kritikk Søndag
Rusty: 10,5 year male very well preserved, excellent bodyshape good underline and tuckup, slightly long in loin good bone and substanse good hight at whiters, topline a little flat, good croup, excellent neck and proud headcarrige, good pickup elegant head, good scull to muzzle proportion flat cheeks well split mouth slightly deep through, eyes are good shape could be darker and more oblique set, triangular ears little wide at base, coat is excellent good texture, excellent sharbonay, balanced angulation front and rear, excellent caracther typical belgium shepard JOI DE VIE,
excellent movement good lengt of stride quick action covers the ground with ease, remarkeble entusiasm for age.

Breedie : 2 year old female, excellent breedtype, esqisetly femenine, excellent bone and substance, excellent coat and texture, excellent harmonic siluette with good hight at the withers, excellent underline and tuckup, good debth of chest short firm topline, excellent croup, excellent arched neck, very typical attitude and stanze standing square at all times, head is excellent, excellent scull to mouth well split mouth tight lips good pigmentation 3e excellent parallels, minimum stop, eyes have excellent shape of eyes darke oblique set, melting expression, ears are good well positoned on head a little wide at base, excellent movement w quick light floating action covers the ground with ease looks as if she could go all day veryy bautiful female one I would like to own.