Kennel Tangterr's S-Litter

Geragold Playboy  X  Sweetcharm's Mailee Tang-Terr
Born 26/04/10, Both HD:A and good temp.

Here is Foto's of Kennel Tangterr's S-Litter. It will be updated as the weeks go by. 4 boys and 3 girls.

    Danterri Wheaten 
  Soldiersong Tycoon
  Fiannaboy Wheaten Rebel's
Geragold Playboy   Raleigh at Celtic
HD:A_A   Wheaten Rebel's
  Geragold Daughter Odessa File
  of Aran  
    Geragold Tekiri
Sweetcharm's   Danterri Wheaten Jes 
 Mailee  Danterri Wheaten  DK12721/86 
Tang-Terr   Ultra  Danterri 
02565/08  DK20666/92 Wheaten Roise 
HD:A_A Honeyrags Maroc Na Sionna 
   Inish Alanna  S52753/98 
  S10197/2004  Pepitahill's Amalia